I will participate in One Young World 2023 Belfast Summit.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be attending the “One Young World 2023 Belfast” as a journalist, taking place in Belfast, Northern Ireland from October 2nd to 5th.

About One Young World

The annual One Young World Summit gathers outstanding young leaders from more than 190 countries to discuss accelerating social impact. Over the course of these four days, attendees participate in various sessions and workshops, receiving guidance from renowned politicians, business leaders, and humanitarian figures. Once the Summit concludes, participants return to their respective communities and workplaces as One Young World Ambassadors, embarking on initiatives to better the world.

Last year, I had the privilege of attending in Manchester as a representative from Japan. Originally, Tokyo was set to host, but due to the pandemic which saw Japan’s borders closed until May 2023, Manchester became the venue. Amid these challenges and the passing of Queen Elizabeth, it was indeed a moment where I felt history turning its pages. I’ve continued to be engaged with One Young World in multiple capacities since then.

Professional Growth

One Young World offers a unique chance to learn from global leaders spanning business, social, and humanitarian sectors. Through Q&A sessions, speeches, and workshops, I’ve been able to gain insights into how to effectively use my skills to tackle societal issues. Last year, I took part in a session specifically for journalists, and it was incredibly stimulating to meet young journalists from Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world. The emphasis of the Summit is on “action”, and the real challenge begins after the Summit concludes.

Going beyond borders and nationalities, you gain access to a community of over 15,000 individuals. Being part of this community offers access to funding, educational resources, mentorship, and speaking opportunities. The true charm of One Young World lies in the chance to meet individuals from countries like Cameroon, Bhutan, and Rwanda – encounters that are rare when staying in Japan. It offers a unique opportunity to build networks with more than 2,000 young leaders from over 190 countries. One can learn from peers, share initiatives, and potentially collaborate on new projects.

I initially learned about the Summit before the pandemic, and was hesitant to apply, thinking my English proficiency might be a barrier. However, the pandemic fueled my desire to reach out more, leading me to apply and eventually being selected as a representative. Although one can attend the Summit at their own expense, the fee is rather hefty. Consequently, many secure sponsorship from corporations to attend.

One Young World 2022 in Numbers

To highlight some of the key figures that showcase the allure of One Young World:

  • Over 200 speakers in attendance
  • More than 2,000 delegates participated both in-person and remotely
  • Representation from over 190 countries

Agenda for this year

  • October 2nd (Mon): Opening Ceremony
  • October 3rd (Tue): Sessions on the Food Crisis, Entrepreneur of The Year Award Ceremony, and Education
  • October 4th (Wed): Sessions on Climate Emergency, Politician of The Year Award Ceremony, and Mental Health
  • October 5th (Thu): Discussions on the Northern Irish Peace Process, Future for Young People in Northern Ireland, Session on Peace and Reconciliation, Journalist of the Year Award Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony

I plan to share my experiences and updates from the Summit through platforms like “Business Insider” and other media outlets. Please stay tuned!

I am committed to leveraging what I learn for the betterment of society and will continue to provide valuable information and initiatives. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement in this endeavor.

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